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Today I wrote my last exam, which also concluded my second year of university and it feels SO GOOD !! 😍 Freedom comes in many forms but this is definitely the best one. Summer break! I dream of a bowl of strawberries and milk, green meadows, nice sunsets, swimming in the sea and nice summer times with Markus of course 🙂 it almost sounds a bit too good to be true and to be honest, I don’t know if that’s what my summer will look like haha. But I still love summer, though it would be gray, rainy and without strawberries. Of course, I prefer the summer that I see in front of me with sunny and warm days, but most of all, I try to absorb the energy from everything that has come to life, in order to prepare for next winter.

well, me and Markus spent last “winter” in Wales. Though it would be almost an insult to winter to call it winter. Here you’re stuck in a 4-5 month long November (with the exception of a few days in February when we had +20 degrees and abundant sun). I MISS Scandinavian winters with snow!! Perhaps everyone from home think that I have lost my mind but I miss proper winters and seasons soooo much. White, cold, beautiful snow. Even slushy, gray / brown snow! I just want to bury my face in white snow (please don’t hold it against me when the time comes haha).

Speaking of winter, I went through some old pictures and found photos from a photoshoot that me and Markus did with Erika May Tenney who was visiting Wales because she served her mission here. She is a photographer from the United States specializing in elopement-, wedding- and engagement photos and everything in between that has to do with people in love 🙂 She lives in Utah but I also know she travels a lot so if you want great photographer for any of the above I can highly recommend her! Below are some of the pictures she took and I love how she managed to capture how me and Markus feel about each other <3 Check out her website for more pictures: or instagram @erikamayphotography

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