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At the moment, I’m sitting on the porch, eating a herring sandwich, enjoying the evening sun and am calming down to the sounds of nature. Infinite bird song and a constant buzzing from countless insects. In the past, the insects were mostly annoying, but since I moved into the city full time, the buzzing is a warming welcome home.

The bus departed at 02.00 this morning from the Swansea bus station which set off for Gatwick Airport. It is a 6 hour trip which I luckily slept through. The morning was spent at the airport, waiting for the flight to take off at 11.10. I was already tired after the long bus trip and the flight was of course delayed by one hour. If I could stop doing one thing for the rest of my life then it would be to fly, I’m so tired of it. But eventually I arrived at Gothenburg after about 12 hours of traveling. However, to be welcomed by my dad with Max hamburgers already made the trip worth it 🙂

I have looked so much forward to coming home to the farm in Liared and it has been absolutely wonderful! When I grew up I spent all summers on the farm and as a teenager I felt trapped and isolated on the countryside. I just wanted to go back into town to enjoy the summer holidays as a normal person and hang out with my friends, hang out on the beach and experience young nights. But the farm has really grown on me the older I have become and it has become a home that I miss.

Liared provides me with a peace that I can’t find anywhere else. It is like the farm has an old soul that breathes with deep breaths and after a while you fall into the same rhythm. It’s like the body says “this is how it should be”. The city is fun and practical but the soul can’t breathe in the same way as it does when you’re surrounded by nature. When I am in nature, walking, surfing or just lying on the grass, I really feel how full of energy our mother earth is. And I realize how small I am. It makes me sad when I think about how many beautiful resources we have in this world, but instead of caring, showing respect and being grateful for it, we are exploiting all resources we can put our hands on. We suck out as much as we can until there is nothing left and the earth tries to keep up to give us everything she has and a little more. It is unconditional love. And that is exactly the love I feel when I come home to my little paradise.

I also get unconditional love from my dog Ollie 🙂 I decided to let him stay on the farm with my dad because he can’t follow me on my adventures. But despite being away for several months at a time, he shows me the same affection the second I come home.

Pictures do not do justice to this special place but I still want to show a fraction of its beauty and some pictures of Ollie 🙂

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