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Hold on tight because here comes a long (but good) post. I’m sitting at the airport atm, waiting to board the plane that’s going to Finland. The weekend has been packed with things that really recharged my batteries. I have been with my family, with my dog ​​and lots of horses. The weather has been great and warm, and I have enjoyed the summer fully even though there has been a little rain here and there. I have taken a walk in the woods with Ollie and just embraced everything around me, breathed in the thick, sweet smell from all the June flowers and vegetation. We have also revelled in a Swedish “sandwich cake” which, after being abroad for two years where they do not have the sandwich cake, is the best luxury! 🙂

Yesterday it was time for what I actually came here for, my cousin Madde’s surprise BABYSHOWER 😀 Maggis and I had been assigned to entertain Madde for a few hours so that the others could prepare the party. What a sacrifice haha ​​😉 I arrived at Maggis’ apartment a little earlier so that we could decide on backup plans if Madde were to ask tricky questions, which she often does, and because I am very good at spilling secrets accidentally (which I also did, but it was a good thing that Madde did not notice). Maggis and I later went to city centre to buy a small baby gift and it is soooo tempting to walk around in baby shops! you want to buy everything because it’s all small and cute. But we resisted the temptation, and finally we went home with a drybib with matching socks, a pacifier holder and two bodies. Madde arrived later in the afternoon and we had been given the task by Auntie Anita (Madde’s mom) to feed her so that she would have energy throughout the evening, so we decided on good old Tacos 🙂 I can’t describe how nice it was to just sit on the sofa and chat about everything between heaven and earth with these two wonderful girls. Maggis is my oldest and best friend and Madde is my cousin so they both have been a part of all the twists and turns during my whole life and I can’t describe how much they both mean to me. If I had to choose a family they would have been part of it. Love both of you!

It’s hard to find better people than these lovely ladies! <3

Finally, it was time for Madde’s, who is also known as Paddis, babyshower. The surprise was thankfully successful and luckily we had not drained the future mommy of all her energy, so she was ready for a little party in the evening. It was the nicest little group that got together, some old friends, but also cousins, Anna and Ellinor, whom I haven’t met for years and it was so fun to see them again and catch up with what is happening in life. I have a weak spot for many delicacies in life but the biggest of them all is the Swedish princess cake and Anita had baked 3 delicious cakes, lucky me! 🙂

When our bellys were full of cake and drinks, the opening of the gifts began and of course we stuck to the tradition to decorate the future mommy’s hair with the gift laces.

Some of the clothes that were given as gifts

Lastly, we played a little game where we were supposed to tast the content in the diapers in order to figure out what it was.

The evening came to an end and everyone was a little tired after the festivities and the food coma crept in after a number of pieces of princess cake. But I am so glad that I decided to come home this weekend to experience the little wonderful things in life that make everyday life a little better. It was the icing on the cake to spend my last night at home with nice people to celebrate our lovely little Paddis <3

I hope all of you have had a nice weekend as well and that you’ve hade the opportunity to enjoy the things that help you recharge. Lots of love!

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