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Sometimes I wonder why us girls pain ourselves to try to eliminate such a small thing as hair on our legs. Why??! It is a natural part of our body. Yet we shave, epilate and wax. If I could chose, I would completely stop care about those meaningless hairs, but then I know how stressed I will be if I go to town and my legs are hairy and it feels like EVERY eye is aimed at my hairy legs and everyone thinks it’s wierd or ugly. Do you know what I’m talking about? Although in reality, probably no one sees my hairy legs, why should they spend time looking at them? But, here I am, waxing again whilst watching Pretty Little Liars, just to satisfy other people who don’t even care about my legs. The logic is on top.

These last two days have been wonderful, warm and sunny summer days. I have even managed to get some reasonably red skin over most of my body, which I see as a win haha. It has been very nice to be back in Finland to settle a little. It feels like I haven’t had a calm moment since I left Swansea on Wednesday. Also, the week me and Markus were apart from each other was very stressful for both of us. We have, as all couples do, gone through a rather tough period recently and to try to communicate and solve problems over the phone is not to be recommended. Body language is so underestimatet, and I realize it every time me and Markus have discussions over the phone. Misunderstandings after misunderstandings pile up and you only dig the hole deeper. But I actually have the world’s best husband who is much better than me at communicating, calming himself down (and me) and who is better at controlling his emotions. I am rather like a child haha. I get riled up easily if I do not feel that I am being heard, which often happens when you do not agree on things, and then I am riled up until I decide that I do not want to talk anymore and then I press my off button and not a word will come out until I have calmed down. Does it sound mature or fair to Markus? Absolutely not but it is so hard to have self-insight when you are angry and sad. But on the bright side, it was like everything just fell into place as soon as I arrived in Finland and we met at the airport. And in the last couple of days we have just enjoyed each other’s company and we both do everything we can to live up to the promise we gave each other when we got married. When we are finished with a fight, it stays in the past and we do not touch it again.

Yesterday and today we have gone to the beach after Markus finished his job and the best thing about Finland is that it is empty wherever you go 🙂

We had planned to swim but the sea was ice cold, so we defied our Viking blood and just dipped our toes.

One of the better things about summers are all berries and fruits! Sharing watermelon and strawberries on a summer evening with two nice boys beats most things.

Today we also took Cafu (the dog) to the beach so that he could cool off a little. We managed to find a dog beach where the water was unfortunately full of algae but Cafu didn’t seem to care, he was just happy to swim for a bit 🙂 It’s so nice to be able to saturate my animal cravings with Cafu because I miss my own animals so much, my dog Ollie and my cat CoCo.

I hope for the same kind of good summer days for the rest of the week and above all midsummer, but also that Markus and I can move forward in this understanding that we have finally found. Have you gone through something difficult with a partner which sometimes felt hopeless? How did you get out of such a dip? Please share your experiences, there is always more to learn. Lots of love!