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Happy Midsummer! 🙂 (In arrears)

Everyone who lives in the Nordic countries knows that Midsummer is the best there is. The most Swedish, nicest and most magical weekend of the whole year! Undoubtedly this was one of the best Midsummer celebrations of all time. ‘Nough said. When I was younger, I always searched for the most eventful midsummer parties with long nights and lots of people. Over time, I have come to appreciate the quiet and smaller celebrations. Signs of getting old? Well last Friday was spent with cousins and old, close friends who are close to my heart. They are such a group of people that you can be completely and totally yourself with because they know you all the way into your marrow. They make you laugh effortlessly and I will smile just by watching this little group of people. That is the kind of Midsummer I’ve had 🙂

How I love my friends and family! This is unfortunately not the whole group but these girls are amazing.

The flower wreath was a must and all the gender norms were excluded, flower wreaths also applied to our guys! And I actually have to say that I was very impressed with the results 🙂

I don’t look very happy but a serious flower wreath course was running and then you have to focus.

Like I said, the results were very good (and creative, like making three wreaths and putting them together haha!)

We were very lucky to have had a masterchef in the company. Madde and Eric basically cooked all the food on their own (and from scratch!) I ate until I had a dozen food babies in my stomach. But that’s exactly what Midsummer is all about, eat food and herring until you explode, then you’ve done it right. 🙂

Still only part of the group but it is more than enough 🙂

At this point, I was the annoying person who ran around and took pictures of everything and everyone and made sure that everyone made it on my camera here and there. You know, that person who just cannot put down the phone and enjoy the moment. But to be completely honest, it was worth every single picture because I am so happy that I can document and remember weekends like this! 🙂

Eventually we went to the sauna by the lake Vättern and we spent the rest of the evening eating cake, dancing around the pole (I contributed to some of the falling on the ground) and sauna mixed with mingle.

It’s quite incredible how many memories you can create and how much closer you can get to your friends in just one afternoon. I am sure Midsummer 2019 will be remembered with a smile on my lips and with a longing for a young, beautiful and demandless night.

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